ALPI Stelvio 15x15 cm, 15x30 cm, 30x30 cm - nat.

Natural stone effect porcelain stoneware

The “Alpi” outdoor collection of porcelain stoneware evokes an ancient allure, enhanced by significant variations in colour created by the shades and surface effects, akin to those of the finest natural stone.

“Alpi” is able to convey the strong, original, authentic atmospheres of our traditions, setting them attractively into a modern lifestyle context.


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A warm natural atmosphere that recalls the tradition of arts and crafts

ALPI Stelvio 15x15 cm - nat.
ALPI Tonale 15x15 cm, 15x30 cm, 30x30 cm - nat.
ALPI Pordoi 15x15 cm - nat.
ALPI Sella 15x15 cm - nat.

Colors and sizes

Structured R11
Structured R11
Structured R11
Structured R11
30x30 - 12''x12''
Structured R11
15x30 - 6''x12''
Structured R11
15x15 - 6''x6''
Structured R11