Ceramiche Keope alongside Arte Sella at the inauguration of the work of Kengo Kuma

In Japanese folklore, the word Kodama is used to identify spirits that inhabit trees: this is the name of the work created by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma for Arte Sella and which was just inaugurated on 6th May last. Once again alongside Arte Sella, Ceramiche Keope has partnered the famous open-air museum since 2017: a creative melting pot of various artistic codes, different sensitivities and inspirations, in an endless dialogue between art and nature.

The same approach lies at the heart of the work and of the styling and functional research of Kengo Kuma: in his architectural works, the starring role is played by materials, which make it possible to join together the environment, intrinsic construction characteristics, traditions and novel elements. The study of a location is a fundamental step in achieving true integration between the work and the context surrounding it, without upsetting the balance and the sense of spatial and emotional continuity: architecture seen as a natural extension built by the hand of man.

On 6th May, following the inauguration of the work of Kengo Kuma, Kodama — a tribute to Japanese technique and aesthetics set in the magnificent Alpine backdrop of Arte SellaCeramiche Keope started up “Racconti di Architettura” (Tales of Architecture), a programme of training sessions which brings together experts and aficionados of art, design and nature to share their thoughts on a concrete subject, where knowledge remains the primary tool for growth and progress. Four meetings in the surprising setting of Arte Sella, where nature, history, art and local traditions of Valsugana come together to create a new tale each day.


Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain is a place where the mountain has been meeting contemporary art for over thirty years. Arte Sella is a unique creative process that Ceramiche Keope has decided to support. Over the years, it has been the meeting place for different artistic languages, cultural approaches and inspiration with the mutual intent of establishing a fruitful and continuous dialogue between art and nature.

These very same principles also inspire Ceramiche Keope, leader in the production of floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware: the colours, patterns and textures of marble varieties, stones and woods are transformed into highly powerful means of expression, to create, renovate and restyle spaces and stylish atmospheres. The partnership between Arte Sella and Ceramiche Keope has been reinforced by this shared approach focusing on eco-sustainability, an environmentally-friendly approach and the ability to innovate. 

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