#Keope4ArteSella has begun. This digital project has been promoted by Ceramiche Keope to tell, through the eyes and words of especially chosen Italian influencers and bloggers, the story of Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain, a place where the mountain has been meeting contemporary art for over thirty years. Arte Sella is a unique creative process that Ceramiche Keope has decided to support. Over the years, it has been the meeting place for different artistic languages, cultural approaches and inspiration with the mutual intent of establishing a fruitful and continuous dialogue between art and nature.

The project is involving 10 Influencers and Blogger coming from different Italian regions that will alternate to give life to a story recounting the feelings experienced by exploring Arte Sella, an open-air museum of international works of art that is continuously evolving. This story is nourished by the history and nature of the location, namely Borgo Valsugana (TN).

A philosophy that is in tune with that of Ceramica Keope. In fact, for over twenty years, at Ceramiche Keope, we have been drawing inspiration from the language of nature, both at creative and production-related levels. A complete and versatile range of products that recall the textures of the natural world to fulfil the needs of contemporary design both for interiors and exteriors.

An emotional 60-second long videoclip has been created to communicate, by means of images, this partnership. It highlights the values distinguishing the DNA of Ceramiche Keope and Arte Sella, values that bring these two entities together: sustainability, concern for the environment, capacity to innovate, creative spirit.

This is merely the starting point of an important cooperation that will grow and develop during 2018. Interesting initiatives and projects with a high content of creativity and innovation will make this fellowship more intense and be an example of the beneficial exchange involving nature, art and architecture.


stay tuned!

ArteSella is "the contemporary mountain", an open space where for more than thirty years the mountain joins its identity with that of contemporary art. [☞ Look behind the scenes on #Instagram, follow @ceramichekeope]

Aeneas Wilder_Senza titolo 162_Ph Giacomo Bianchi
Anton Schaller_Rifugio_Ph Giacomo Bianchi
Daniele Salvalai_Alveare_ph. Giacomo Bianchi
Giuliano Mauri_Cattedrale vegetale_Ph Giacomo Bianchi
Jaehyo Lee_ph Giacomo Bianchi
Jaehyo Lee_ph Giacomo Bianchi
Rainer Gross_Il quadrato_ph Giacomo Bianchi
Senza titolo 169_ph Giacomo Bianchi
Urs Twellmann_Bosco geometrico_Ph Giacomo Bianchi