We produce 30mm thick porcelain stoneware tiles, measuring 60x60cm.

They're rectified and intended for laying on gravel. For its strength and performance, the K3 slab is an outstanding technical solution: it provides a solid, permanent exterior floor, pleasant to the touch and to the eye.

The porcelain stoneware developed for 30mm-thick surfaces mimics a complex and multifaceted rock, which is easily adopted for a variety of outdoor designs.

The main characteristics of Keope 30 mm thick porcelain stoneware are resistance, ease of installation and cleaning, inalterability. In fact, the K3 3 cm system withstands thermal changes, freezing, salt, high breaking loads (with over 1000 kg per plate), is non-slip (R11), can not be attacked by mold, moss and copper green treatments.

Choosing 30 cm thick porcelain stoneware Keope means meeting functional and aesthetic needs: resistance does not mean giving up the pursuit of beauty, quality can be synonymous with warmth, inalterability becomes style.