White Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

White Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Keope Interno4 Ambiente 4B Calacatta San Babila 80X160 120X278

Authentic style for refined spaces

Enhance the atmosphere with the sublime elegance of white porcelain stoneware tiles. Transform your rooms into authentic oases of purity and light, where every step reveals the splendour of a timeless choice.

The extensive array of white tiles opens the door to creating enchanting spaces, where luminosity intertwines with refinement, offering a unique experience that envelops the senses.

Keope Collections: a world of elegance and charm in white porcelain stoneware

Explore the fascinating Keope collections and immerse yourself in a world of boundless possibilities for your white porcelain floor and wall tiles.

Be captivated by the elegance of Elements Lux, with its glossy white marble that exudes a refined and majestic aesthetic. The 9cento collection will transport you back in time, with reflections inspired by twentieth-century Italian mansions, adding a touch of history and unparalleled charm. Choose the Onice collection for a marble stone effect that imbues rooms with depth, artfully playing with light on reflective surfaces. For a modern twist, the Omnia collection offers the perfect choice, endowing homes with contemporary elegance.

Would you like to see how our white porcelain stoneware collections fit into your environment? Try the Match App to play around with and visualise different combinations and create your own unique style.