Arte Sella is a place where landscapes and art camouflage themselves; it is place where different forms of art, sensitivity and inspiration meet; it is a continual dialogue between creativity and nature. Keope, the ceramic industry of Sassuolo, has found an exceptional affinity with the park-museum of Trentino.

In fact, Keope has always closely observed the aesthetics of nature for its products: it transforms the texture of wood, marble and stone in surfaces for design, especially outdoor.

Since 2017, Keope has been enthusiastically supporting Arte Sella, to establish a relationship that has grown year after year. In the last months, this relationship has found a new and unique manner of expression: the series of "Tales of Architecture" meetings, promoted by Casabella.

Ceramiche Keope alongside Arte Sella at the inauguration of the work of Kengo Kuma

Arte Sella, where nature, history, art and local traditions of Valsugana come together to create a new tale each day.

The meetings are basically four training "chapters" for professionals of the world of architecture, held in the open air museum.

The event began with an international guest: Kengo Kuma, with his young team.

On the morning of May 6th, the Japanese architect presented Kodama,the installation created to reflect and enhance the identity of the park-museum with naturalness. During the afternoon's lectio magistralis, Kuma explained how the study of places is essential for actual integration of a work and its context. Only deep knowledge of the territory allows for construction based on spatial and emotional continuity between man and nature, without disturbing the balance of an ecosystem.

"Tales of Architecture" will continue with other events: three meetings curated by the Keope and Arte Sella teams, on May 29, June 7 and 28, at the Malga Costa, where Kuma's conference was held.

The programme will include a meeting with the marketing manager of the ceramic industry of Emilia and a visit to Villa Strobele, to Kodama and to the other installations in the Park, guided by Giacomo Bianchi and Emanuele Montibeller, respectively Chairman and Artistic Director of Arte Sella.