How to choose porcelain stoneware surfaces for indoors? What to start with when selecting floors and walls? With a guide to the effects, sizes and types of tiles available in the Ceramiche Keope catalogue, we will analyse the most common doubts on these topics.

Not only private homes: stoneware tiles are also suitable for commercial and public places such as hotels and places dedicated to hospitality, restaurants and bars, shops, supermarkets, coffee bars and offices.

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Elements Lux - Silver Grey
Chorus - Tobacco
Noord - Gold
Noord - Taupe
Noord - White
Brystone - White
Lineo - Brown
Lineo - Row

Choosing indoor floors and walls

Choosing porcelain tiles can start with selecting your preferred effect: stone effect, marble effect, resin effect, concrete effect, wood effect for indoors or a combination of these?

Next, you need to consider whether to coat with the same tiles all the available space, or differentiate the rooms with different effects and colours. Today, the prevailing trend in private homes is to use the same floor in every space, especially if it is a one-level flat. Alternatively, only certain rooms are characterized with a different floor than the rest of the house, usually bathrooms and kitchen. In this case the materials should be evaluated as a whole, combining samples of effects and colours to find the most harmonious combination. Even for rooms that usually require wall tiles, such as the bathroom, the kitchen and, in contemporary design, the bedroom, it is preferable to make the choice of tiles at the same time as the choice of flooring, to find the right combinations.

The walls can be chosen within the colour range of the same collection as the floor, inserting a variation of colour on the walls for an enveloping but not repetitive effect. In smaller rooms, such as a second bathroom, the "box" effect obtained by laying a single collection in the same colour on the floor and wall is a current design choice that should be considered. Different collections with the same effect tend not to be combined, for example, there is a tendency not to combine a wood effect from one collection with another from a different collection, but only the combination of materials in the retailer's showroom can give us a definite answer on the combinations.

There is plenty of room for the combination of different effects instead: imagine the classictaste of wood on the floor, with the wood-effect flooring for indoors from the Evoke collection, wall tiles with stone-effect tiles for indoors from the Percorsi Quartz collection, or the marble-effect tiles for indoors of a new classic like the 9cento collection laid on the wall. For contemporary and essential choices, we think of indoor floors in resin-effect porcelain tiles, with the installation of the Elements Design collection, and a concrete-effect wall tile, such as the Ikon collection.

When choosing porcelain tiles for indoors, the time comes to decide on the size: large slabs or smaller sizes? Larger tiles are now widely used in contemporary design projects, but observing installations simulations in pictures and at the retailer's showroom will offer the right key to interpretation for you. Browsing through the Ceramiche Keope catalogue you will discover the PLUS project, the 15 collections of porcelain tiles in large sizes, for a scenographic effect obtained by recalling combinations of large slabs installed on floors and walls.

Finally, the type of floor installation must be chosen: linear, cross-wise and formwork are the most common, but in the houses we can find a checkerboard installation or with the combination of tiles of different sizes.

Indoor surfaces of commercial and public premises

Are you looking for inspiration for the floors and walls of your commercial and public premises? Resistance and safety, two characteristics guaranteed by porcelain stoneware tiles, play a decisive role in the choice of floors in highly frequented places such as hotels, restaurants, coffee bars and offices. The floor and wall tiles you choose for commercial premises should be extremely resistant, so that they do not lose their colour over time, for example. In addition, non-slip is a fundamental requirement in any space, but particularly where there is a large traffic of people, such as in a venue open to the public.

Elements Lux - Persian Grey
9cento - Mosaico Palm Mix
Chorus - Silver

The Ceramiche Keope catalogue for indoors

Discover all the proposals in the Ceramiche Keope catalogue, designed for indoors and available in many collections also for the flooring of outdoor areas thanks to the K2 System.