Resin Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

Resin Effect Porcelain Stoneware Tiles

E DESIGN Ivory Cotto Mosaico Rombi

Explore the versatility of resin effect porcelain stoneware tiles for floors and walls

Our resin-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are the embodiment of unmatched aesthetics. They elevate the elegance of smooth, minimalist surfaces, characteristic of resin wall and floor coverings. But there's more: we elevate the technical aspect to unparalleled heights with the exceptional performance of porcelain stoneware.

Each tile is a creation that evokes emotions, captivates the eyes and conquers the heart. Our resin-effect porcelain stoneware offers an uncompromising experience, where artistic beauty and timeless durability come together in harmony.

In addition, the resin-effect porcelain stoneware tiles are also available in the 20mm size, perfect for outdoor applications such as swimming pools, patios, pavements, terraces and other outdoor areas.

Keope Geo White

Keope's resin effect tiles inspired by the great metropolises

Explore the incredible potential of our resin-effect porcelain stoneware tiles! Infuse any environment, whether indoors or outdoors, with a touch of contemporary flair and originality. The surfaces of these tiles are true works of art, featuring smooth or bold textures and a fascinating mix of light and dark shades that create evocative games of light and shade, inspired by the resins themselves.

Discover Ceramiche Keope's Elements Design series, an urban-inspired resin-effect porcelain stoneware featuring a matt surface. This series epitomises a minimalist style, offering an exclusive and unique resin-effect porcelain stoneware experience. The Syntech collection evokes a welcoming and discreet ambience, featuring pure and light lines that draw attention to select, thoughtfully chosen details. Geo, on the other hand, is a tactile collection that revisits the origins of ceramics and re-introduces their primitive essence into spaces devoted to comfort and elegance.

Would you like to see how our resin effect porcelain stoneware collections fit into your environment? Try the Mix&Match (Match App) to play around with and visualise different combinations and create your own unique style.