Reale Mutua Insurance Company - Turin, Italy

Reale Mutua Insurance Company - Turin, Italy

DSF7365 Pano 1 DEF 3

The giant insurance company Reale Mutua has completed the new recreation center in Turin. The airy, avant-garde spaces of the cafeteria took shape under the thoughtful artistic direction of Picco Architetti Studio.
The materials and furnishings, chosen with an eye to sustainability, lay comfortably on the resin-effect floor, covered in Elements Design 120x120cm. The Grey tone of the collection harmonizes the whole environment by skilfully recalling the walls and ceilings colors.
To brighten the space, an excellent interior light design teams up with the windows accessing the outdoor park, disposed right along the perimeter.

Thanks to:
PICCO Architetti
Fabio Oggero Fotografo

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