The Horizon Hong Kong - Hong Kong, China

The Horizon Hong Kong - Hong Kong, China

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Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong

A private apartment in the heart of Hong Kong shows off a sleek, modern design inspired by the pastel colors and natural materials of Scandinavian homes. The pure and contemporary forms of the interior harmoniously meet the wood-effect porcelain stoneware of Evoke Ivory. Evoke is a tribute to wood in its most classic identity. The light and delicate shade of Ivory is a successful combination that enhances the style of the furnishings and the color palette. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is the perfect example of contemporary comfort. 

Evoke Ivory covers the floors of the 80 m2 apartment. The size of the slabs is the classic 1200x200 mm with natural finish. 

Architects: Mesh Design W Ltd

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