Private residence - Holland

Private residence - Holland

K2 045

The 20mm collection for floors by Ceramiche Keope, with a thickness of 2 cm, is an innovative solution that offers even more versatility to design projects as it can be installed on elevated structures, dry laid on sand, gravel or grass.

Thanks to the versatility of this collection, Ceramiche Keope has been recently chosen for the pool surround area around this very exclusive external swimming pool, in one of the most exclusive location in Schaijk (Holland).

The project features the 20mm series, Pietra di Combe 60x60 rectified version, with structured finish. [R11 C] .

That is the extreme versatility that characterizes the collection that Ceramiche Keope was recently chosen to build the pavement outside by the pool in an elegant and exclusive location situated in Schaijk in Netherlands. For the project was chosen P.di Combe in textured finish and rectified in 60x60 format.

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