Private House - Orkney Island, Scotland

Private House - Orkney Island, Scotland


Orkney Island, Scotland — This detached house, filled with decorative feats, is located among the natural plains of the Orkney Islands. Uber-contemporary and Scandinavian-looking on the outside, it reveals warm and prized interiors: once past the threshold, the Calacatta Gold marble effect of Elements Lux releases light and elegance in two sizes, 60x60 and 60x30 cm.

As if paying homage to the surrounding natural wonders, the Extreme Anthracite stone-effect porcelain tiles mark a pathway around the perimeter of the house, perfectly in keeping with the Scandinavian imprinting of the building. The 2 cm thickness is the perfect fit in a changing and humid geological context, where maximum safety is required for outdoor walkways.

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