Marfisi Store - Lanciano (CH), Italy

Marfisi Store - Lanciano (CH), Italy


The Marfisi meat store in Lanciano is the spearhead of a futuristic redevelopment project for the city's entire peripheral urban area. This company shop rethinks the consumer's relationship with the products and transforms it into an enriching experience, where the shop tells the story of the territory and the Abruzzo tradition of transhumance. The past enters the ultra-modern store in the form of the large marble-effect porcelain stoneware slabs of the Elements Lux collection.

The single-layer Calacatta tiles in sizes 120x240 for the floors and 120x278 for the surface coverings, production counter, cold storage and administrative area recall the marble of the first Marfisi butcher shop. A significant choice that respects the project's aim of reviving tradition in the present moment.

Photo credits: Fabio di Carlo

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