Biafora Resort & Spa - San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), Italy

Biafora Resort & Spa - San Giovanni in Fiore (CS), Italy

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Amid the forests of Sila, a plateau located in central Calabria, Biafora Resort is an ideal accommodation for rejuvenating mountain vacations. Flowerbeds, wooded areas and English lawns alternate with areas covered in stone-effect porcelain stoneware.

For this project, whose goal is to create continuity between the surrounding nature and the structure, Arrighi Design chose Pietra di Combe from Ceramiche Keope's Percorsi Extra series. The surface rich in color variations is made even more dynamic by the choice to use tiles in different sizes. Charming and elegant, like all the stones of a collection much loved by designers for its versatility and excellent technical performance. 

Thanks to: Arrighi Design

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