Floor trends 2023: the new frontiers for autumn

Floor trends 2023: the new frontiers for autumn

Tiles have always been a key component in interior design. In past decades, we have witnessed an evolution from the classical to the contemporary, with trends reflecting the aesthetics and culture of each era. 

In 2023, flooring trends go beyond mere aesthetics, emphasising new priorities and values in interior design. Whereas in the past the choice of tiles was mainly based on aesthetics, today the purchasing decisions for autumn 2023 floors emphasise a combination of design, functionality and sustainability.

Sustainability, colours and styles: floor and wall tiles 2023

Sustainability is establishing itself as a guiding principle in the world of modern design. With the growing need for environmentally friendly solutions, porcelain stoneware responds by offering durability and an eco-friendly production process. Its long service life and no emission of volatile substances make it a perfect option among those seeking a unique style without compromising the environment.

At the same time, autumn 2023 displays a rich palette of colours and styles. Earthy tones, evoking warmth and naturalness, are juxtaposed with bolder shades, creating a dance of contrasts. And it is not difficult to imagine the beauty of floors inspired by forest green tones, twilight shades, or vibrant flowery patterns. These styles, blending past and present, unveil the upcoming novelties.

5 autumn expressions for a contemporary floors

As autumn paints the world in bright tones, interior design reinvents itself. This year, it offers us collections that capture the spirit of 2023 and make every space practical and cosy. Here are five collections that embody this vision, each of which accompanied by a unique story and an inimitable colour palette.

E DESIGN Avio Sage
Elements Design Paint Avio & Sage

Resin effect tiles by Elements Design Avio-Sage

In this vision, peace meets elegance. The delicate and sophisticated Avio and Sage shades bring a sense of calm and serenity to the room. The uniformity of Elements Design resin effect tiles offers a feeling of continuity, expanding the space and providing an uninterrupted perspective. The delicate hues combine perfectly with modern furniture, as we see in the contrast between the soft blue armchair and the green sofa. This floor creates a contemporary atmosphere, ideal for those who want to add a touch of sophisticated nature into their home.

Keope 9Cento Ristorante Copia
9cento Raggio Verde

Marble effect stoneware of 9Cento Raggio Verde

We enter a world where opulence meets nature. The 9Cento collection, in the Raggio Verde shade, offers a contemporary interpretation of classic marble, bringing the timeless majesty of this material into the modernity of porcelain stoneware. 

As bright as the meadows of Ireland, as mutant as the northern skies: it is impossible to count the infinite tones of green displayed, between snow-white veins and mineral filaments, capturing the vitality of the outside environment and transporting it inside, giving a feeling of freshness and peace.

Keope 9Cento Negozio
9cento Ombra Moca

9Cento collection Ombra Moca colour

The 9Cento collection, in the Ombra Moca colour, brings with it the charm of tea or café latte colour with shaded terracotta hints, enhanced by a distinctive marble design. Mocha tones mingle with lighter shades and bold veining, lending a sophisticated touch to any room. These tiles provide a combination of historic design and modern marble aesthetics, creating an ambience that radiates luxury and sophistication.

Keope Onice Onice Multicolor Vert
Onice Multicolor

Onice Multicolor collection

The Onice Multicolor features lapped porcelain stoneware tiles that embody the beauty of marble. Onyx shades are represented in a blend of serene and bold colours, creating a design that is both glamorous and luxurious. 

The chromatic variety of chalcedony is fully expressed in Multicolor. A patchwork of honey, pearl, sage and very light grey streaks that come to life in contact with light, revealing luminescent depths and transparencies.  The lapped finish adds a touch of gloss, further enhancing the richness of the design.

Keope Journey Bone 01
Journey Bone & Leaves

Journey wood effect tiles with flowery decoration

This setting features an impeccable fusion of contemporary design with natural details. The tiles on the floor imitate the texture and colour of natural wood, providing a warm and cosy background. This wood effect combines wonderfully with the other elements in the room.

The Leaves wall tiles from the Journey collection feature a flowery pattern in shades of green that contrasts and complements the simplicity of the wood-effect floor. 

Dense woodland vegetation in various shades of green covers the surface of the porcelain stoneware tiles. The stylised and playful leaves and branches emerge from a darker background which gives the Leaves decoration a unique depth, together with the contrast between the glossy and matt effect of the surface. This flowery design adds depth and visual interest to the entire setting.


Flooring trends are not only about aesthetics, but also about meaning and function. The emphasis on sustainability, the bold use of colours and the fusion of different styles reflect the direction in which interior design is moving. The collections displayed represent the perfect synthesis of these trends, combining past and present, nature and modernity.

And while each of these collections has its own distinctive appeal, the real power lies in the ability to combine them in unexpected ways. Thanks to Ceramiche Keope's MatchApp you can display these collections in your environment in real time. With MatchApp, it's so easy: just upload a picture of your environment and select the collection you want to try out. In just a few moments, you will be able to view all effect, colour, size and thickness options directly in your premises, and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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