Keope large slabs are born. Large porcelain tiles that mimic the beauty of stone, the elegance of marble, the warmth of wood and the urban appeal of cement and resin.

We have listened to nature. We have observed the earth, trees, mountains, sand, water and light. We have learnt to design spaces where the horizon widens and the border between indoors and outdoors dissolves, where architecture and environment belong to the same story. 

Buildings, squares, gardens and paths cross with natural elements, for a continuity between landscape and spaces created by man. Matter finds its highest expression in harmonious integration with nature.


Large wall & floor tiles for every style need

15 large format collections, over 50 colours, 5 finishes and 3 thickness options for porcelain stoneware tiles in sizes 120x278, 120X240, 120x120 and 30x240 cm. The new 120x278 cm size with a thickness of 6mm is available for the Moov, Elements Design and Elements Lux collections and for the new Ikon serie.

Infinite possibilities of use, to narrate indoor and outdoor spaces, together, in a unique project, able to preserve visual, aesthetic and functional continuity in all its parts.

SOUL GREY 30x240 cm
EVOKE BROWN 30x240 cm
Elements LUX CALACATTA GOLD 120x278-120x120 cm
Elements LUX CALACATTA GOLD 120x278-120x120 cm
Pietra di Bagnolo 120x120 cm
Moov Grey 120x278 cm
Ikon Grey 120x278 - 120x120 cm
Ikon Silver 120x120 cm
Brystone Gold 120x278 cm
Brystone Ivory 120x278 cm


  • Superior aesthetic output
  • Floor-wall surface continuity
  • Great versatility
  • Porcelain stoneware performances
  • Perfect reproducibility of natural materials and creation of new inspirations
  • Suitable for interior and exterior, commercial and residential spaces