Ceramiche Keope is one of the most renowned manufacturers of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tile. Its history began in 1995, in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia). Since then, it has constantly grown to reach a yearly production output of more than 5 million square metres, which means that now its products can be found in over 80 countries all over the world.

Ceramiche Keope offers solutions characterised by a high standard of design, with exceptional technical performance, ideal both for interiors and exteriors, commercial, public and residential spaces.

The company is part of Gruppo Concorde, leading European ceramic group, and shares its values in terms of reliability, honesty and care for people and the environment.

Constant commitment to improvement of all stages of production, research to identify all evolutions of the market, involvement and participation of all resources and the will to offer solutions to the most difficult design requirements. These are the main elements behind the success of Ceramiche Keope over the years.

Ceramiche Keope, young and dynamic company of Gruppo Concorde, manufactures over 5 million square metres of porcelain stoneware tile and has become one of the reference companies in this important segment of the market.

Made in Italy

At Ceramiche Keope, we believe that the social responsibility of a company should express itself by means of a transparent and correct approach to all interlocutors, irrespective of whether they are customers, suppliers or partners. For this reason, we have chosen to comply with the “code of ethics” of Confindustria Ceramica (Italian association of ceramic industries), which means that we must clearly indicate the origin of our products.

We believe that the “Made in Italy” mark guarantees strong values, such as for instance style, design, innovation and quality of the product, and above all respect, for the environment and for people. We are convinced that “Made in Italy” means products of top quality, with a high standard of design and manufactured in accordance to work ethics. Therefore, we are proud to inform you of the above and to promote these values.


One of the reasons for the success achieved by Ceramiche Keope is definitely the strong and continuous investment in research and innovation.The use of the most advanced technologies for constant and high quality, the attention to detail to achieve a product with an original character and a business philosophy that sets the respect of the environment among its primary objectives, are all elements that have led to the recognition of Keope as a reference company in the field of mass gres porcelain tiles.


GREENTHINKING is the Keope project designed to meet the objectives of sustainable development.
Keope is actually one of the companies with the higher attention level to the ecological characteristics in the tile industry.
In line with the most advanced technological evolution, Keope has committed itself to a strict programme of eco-sustainability, which began years ago supporting the Kyoto Protocol, to reduce Co2 emissions, and has continued with the attainment of the HPD certification, which attests the health of the products.
Winner of awards in the past for the “Green Management”, Keope became a member of the US Green Building Council for ecofriendly buildings.

The “Greenthinking” mark is the symbol of Keope commitment to protection of nature.


All Keope products are tested and classified according to the UPEC standards, in order to certify their appropriateness with regard to the intended uses. The tests which the tiles undergo at the "Centre Scientifique du Bâtiment (CSTB)" - in accordance with current ISO regulations - are extremely selective and are aimed at establishing the resistance and performance of the products with respect to four fundamental "dimensions": resistance to wear (U), perforation (P), water (E) and chemical attack (C).

All tiles can be classified in accordance with UPEC standards. This classification makes it possible to find out easily the most appropriate uses for each product and to compare products from the point of view of their technical performance. UPEC certification is carried out by subjecting the tiles to various tests organised by the CSTB using ISO test methods in order to test their technical characteristics and check their behaviour.

A number is associated with each letter to indicate the performance of the material. The higher the number, the better are the technical characteristics of the material examined.