Tiles for Commercial Spaces

Tiles for Commercial Spaces

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The excellence of porcelain stoneware: tiles for commercial spaces

Tiles designed for commercial premises encompass a wide range of options, bringing together floor and wall tiles suitable for both workspaces and public areas. Let's discover the technical details that all porcelain stoneware tiles for commercial spaces have in common, from the most dramatic wall tiles for hotels to non-slip floors for restaurant kitchens.

Bring your premises to life with porcelain stoneware tiles for shops and cafés

Imagine walking into a shop or café and being greeted by a floor that tells the story of the place through a captivating design that draws the attention of visitors. Porcelain stoneware tiles for shops are the ideal choice for this. The remarkable resistance and durability of these floors enable them to withstand high footfall commonly found in shops and cafés, while the modern walls complete the space with a refined contemporary aesthetic.
Set yourself apart in the public venue scene by creating an unforgettable customer experience with the irresistible charm of porcelain stoneware floors.

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The art of hospitality: porcelain stoneware for luxury hotels and restaurants

Express the art of hospitality with the elegance of porcelain stoneware tiles for luxury hotels and restaurants. Tiles for hotels convey an atmosphere of refined luxury, while floor and wall tiles for restaurants add a modern and sophisticated touch. The Ceramiche Keope Catalogue contains tiles featuring the R11 finish, a non-slip surface ideal for restaurant kitchen floors. The versatility of porcelain stoneware allows you to create unique and attractive environments that reflect the identity of your hotel or restaurant.

Give your workspaces a unique atmosphere with porcelain stoneware floors

Transform your workspaces into unique and attractive settings with porcelain stoneware tiles. These versatile and durable tiles add a touch of elegance and a professional feel to your environment. With the extensive range of colours, sizes and finishes available, you can create a unique atmosphere that perfectly matches your style and corporate identity. Each office possesses its own distinct style, which can be brought to life through the classic warmth of a wood effect floor created with the Lineo collection or the contemporary appeal of concrete effect tiles, such as those found in the Ikon collection.

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The Ceramiche Keope catalogue for commercial floors

We have highlighted just a few of the Ceramiche Keope collections tailored for commercial spaces. To explore our full range of porcelain stoneware proposals, browse through our catalogue. Go to the project area to find innovative solutions for cafés, restaurants and trendy shops.