Noord Taupe 120x120 cm

Noord means industrial Europe, a journey into continually evolving design with attitude and visionary verve. Where docks and industrial zones meld into educational or recreational areas of innovation. Where a mix of exhibition spaces and concept stores find a place among avant-garde buildings. And where a necessary material, cement, blends with metallic fibers, making architectural marks that form a lasting, decorative calligraphy, written into the finish.

Formats and thicknesses

Innovative and industrial Noord comes in 7 formats - from 120x120 to 9.7x60 cm - in a sequence calibrated to adapt to each kind of ceramic project.

Also in the K2 variant -- the classic 2cm-thick format resistant to any external agent.

Colors and surfaces

Noord's palette of tones - Grey, Taupe, Anthracite, Gold and White - identifies with the chameleon-like spirit of the avant-garde cement effect - able to blend with a multitude of environments. The matt surfaces boast the new, rich, Natural R10 finish. Its resistance to wear and weather changes merges with the aesthetic traits of the most successful indoor solutions.

Colors and sizes

Noord Grey
Natural R10
Grip R11
Noord Taupe
Natural R10
Noord Gold
Natural R10
Grip R11
Noord Anthracite
Natural R10
Grip R11
Noord White
Natural R10
Grip R11
120x120 - 48''x48'' RT
60x120 - 24''x48'' RT
30x120 - 12'x48'' RT
60x60 - 24''x24'' RT
30x60 - 12''x24'' RT
9,7x60 - 3 7/8''x24'' RT
120x120 - 48''x48'' RT K2 20mm
60x60 - 24''x24'' RT K2 20mm
30x60 - 12''x24'' RT K2 20mm
80x80 -32''x32'' RT
80x80 RT K2 20mm

The Noord collection is also available in the K2 version in 20 mm thickness in the 120x120 (Grey, White), 80x80 (Grey, White, Anthracite), 60x60 (Grey, Gold, White, Anthracite), 30x60 in Grey, Gold, White, Anthracite colors.