Thank you for sharing this new experience at Cersaie with us.

Together with you, we have gathered ideas for the present and future to be shaped and nurtured. 
Meeting in person and showing you our latest products and main collections was a great chance both to verify and test the outcomes of tireless, enthusiastic teamwork.

Read on to discover our new collections.

Stand Cersaie 2019

Interno4 / New marble effect collection

Interno4 creates a legacy in its own right. A tile with prestigious quality that can emote the noble architecture of great Italian cities of times past, or cool, modernist Italian style. A series of polished marbles, whose shine and color variation create iconic interior spaces drawn from across the Italian landscape.

Noord / New concrete effect collection 

Noord means industrial Europe, a journey into continually evolving design with attitude and visionary verve. Where docks and industrial zones meld into educational or recreational areas of innovation. Where a mix of exhibition spaces and concept stores find a place among avant-garde buildings. And where a necessary material, cement, blends with metallic fibers, making architectural marks that form a lasting, decorative calligraphy, written into the finish.

Brystone / New limestone stone effect collection

The Brystone collection gathers the many facets of limestone into a steady, unified surface, perfect for finishing and decorating new architectural spaces with integrity. In this contemporary portrait of rock, the product of millenary quarries finds a softer and greater aesthetic value.

Aran / New quartzite stone effect collection

Windblown stone peaks inspire the surfaces of Aran: the collection imitates quartzite, which belongs to silent, Northen landscapes. The versatility of the stone means that architectural spaces are free to blur the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces. Aran sits alongside the most innovative design trends, in a blend of primordial elegance and contemporary energy.

Midlake / Geological Alchemy

Quartzite, porphyry, and slate -- those are Midlake's mineral souls. The textures of each stone vary depending on the natural look from which they’re derived. The designs harness nature’s creative energy and flow, marking out graceful and elegant spaces with a look that can be both audacious and graceful at the same time.