Sushic Asian Experience - Varese, Italy

Sushic Asian Experience - Varese, Italy


Clean lines, minimal and precise decoration, and a natural flow of movement and energy between spaces. That's Sushic, Asian fusion restaurant which opened near Varese in summer 2018; a blend of contemporary style and ancient Zen principles.

Moov 60x60cm tiles flow through the large atrium, across the raised area with low tables, and into the pretty private rooms, paving the different areas with the tile collection’s simple concrete effect and bright Anthracite accents.

In&Out Percorsi Quartz 10.5X45 clad the walls, creating a steady Zen-like grace with the Muretti decor of the collection. The stone-effect of In&Out was inspired by the natural flair of quartzite, blending artistry and nature in an impressive game of dark and light on every wall.

We thank LENDstudio di Lodi, who oversaw the project.

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