Private villa - Italy

Private villa - Italy


A quiet residential neighborhood hosts this small villa with a contemporary cut, large geometric volumes and an interplay of empty and full spaces that gives movement to the structure. Great care was also given in the design of the outdoor space, consisting of a garden, pool area and barbecue area. Between small quiet corners and large shaded areas, this manicured space invites you to enjoy the outdoor space as much as the indoor one.

For the outdoor sidewalks and skirting boards, which run along the entire perimeter of the house, the barbecue area with outdoor kitchen and wood rack, and the pool area cladding, the designers chose the urban, minimalist style of concrete-effect porcelain stoneware from the Moov series in the Grey version.

The 60x120 slabs with R11 coefficient of friction provide the strength, safety, frost resistance and durability features that outdoor coverings require. In addition, porcelain stoneware is easy to install and requires no special maintenance.

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