Private Residence - Marina di Pisa, Italy

Private Residence - Marina di Pisa, Italy


Marina di Pisa, Italy

When you cross the threshold of the bathroom of an elegant Italian residence, you leave the real world behind and enter an ethereal treasure chest of extreme elegance. The Calacatta San Babila marble-effect porcelain stoneware – from the Keope Interno4 collection – exudes a dazzling whiteness that blends with and reflects light. Flashes of blue-grey, reminiscent of the colors of the sea nearby, give depth to the lapped surface of the stoneware slabs covering floors, walls and bathroom furniture.

The large 120X120 size with a thickness of 9 mm runs over the surfaces and allows the aesthetic richness of the stoneware slabs to express itself in all its power. Marble returns to be the protagonist of the 20th century domus with renewed modernity.

Photo Credits© Luca Bucciantini Architettura d'interni
Thanks to: Luca Bucciantini Architettura d'interni

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