Opificio Pomposelli - Battipaglia (SA), Italy

Opificio Pomposelli - Battipaglia (SA), Italy


Established as a distributor of beverages, then becoming an important winehouse soon after, the Opificio is a favourite destination for wine lovers, a masterful example of the use of Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware for interiors and exteriors. The floor of this location features the Moov line, in its Moka colour - size 60x120 cm for interiors and the 20mm 60x60 cm size for exteriors. The collection boasts a contemporary and elegant urban style, which is the result of soft and subtle patterns that enhance the modern architecture of the building.

In this contemporary setting, the porcelain stoneware collection by Ceramiche Keope brings out all its great performance and versatility, which are the result of the expertise and know-how distinguishing Ceramiche Keope. The high resistance to breaking loads and to abrupt temperature changes are just two of the features of this floor material that is also excellent for outdoor installation. The extensive range of sizes and surface finishes make Moov a complete collection of floor tiles offering the maximum freedom of design.

Thanks to the colour palette, ranging from light and delicate tones to more intensive and distinctive ones, Moov is ideal for reinterpreting environment with elegant and unique details.

Ph: Luciano Busani Photography
Thanks to: fam.Pomposelli

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