Offices - Thiene, Italy

Offices - Thiene, Italy


ADI are world leaders in the manufacture of diamond tools. Their high quality, precision products are used by the ceramics, stone, glass, mechanical and optical industries. In a recent renovation of the interior of their company headquarters, they have chosen Keope tiles to complement the high-tech, industrial nature of their work.

Our Moov collection dominates the indoor surfaces with its unmistakable urban style, in sizes 60x60, 60x120 and 120x120cm. The architectural,  cement-effect line is used throughout the ground floor and continues up the stairs. Anthracite nuances in the tiles balance subtly with the chromatic scheme of the walls, columns and furnishings. The dotted graphics that mark every porcelain stoneware tile perfectly match the pristine nature of the setting. Every space, strategically defined with classical decorations, provides an ultra-modern stylistic contrast. A successful renovation from every point of view. 

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Photo Luciano Busani

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