Budapest One - Budapest, Hungary

Budapest One - Budapest, Hungary

Budapestone Interior 9

Budapest One Business Park is a hyper-evolved office court. Covering 650,000 square meters, its architecture shows significant futuristic momentum.

For the entrance floors, designers have chosen the Elements Design resin effect collection in two close colors, Silver and Gray, both in the 60x120 format. Porcelain stoneware, in great formal and expressive harmony with the other furnishing materials, covers the surfaces that extend between the hall and corridors. The compact and soft appearance works in harmony with sophisticated technical qualities, necessary for a floor that is crossed frequently.

The property is located in the heart of a redeveloped strategic area, right on the outskirts of the Hungarian capital. The external body, articulated and imposing, anticipates what we find inside: a cutting-edge stylistic panorama, signed by our Made in Italy ceramics.

Photoshoot: György Palkó architectural photographer and videographer.
Thanks to Zenit Design.

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