Bar Manunzio - Milan, Italy

Bar Manunzio - Milan, Italy


Bar Manuzio is a stone's throw from Porta Venezia, in Milan. The space is elegant and convivial, with delicate art deco echoes. The view of the Keope black marble effect porcelain stoneware countertop lights up on the dark background.

In the brilliant project of the Koinè Design studio, the large slabs do not cover walls or floors, but a three-dimensional furnishing accessory.

The Calacatta finish of the Elements Lux line, chosen in the 120x240 size, is both functional and scenic. From the large windows, natural light enhances the continuity of the surfaces, framed by golden edges. The attention to detail gives the jazz bar the compositional rhythm of a small work of art.

ARCHITECTS: Studio Koinè Design
PHOTO CREDITS: Luciano Busani

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