Shower trays in porcelain stoneware

Shower trays in porcelain stoneware

Choosing the right shower tray is crucial when it comes to designing or renovating a bathroom. This decision not only impacts the overall appearance of the bathroom; it is also key to everyday function and safety, because in an area subject to constant humidity and contact with water, the safety characteristics of the surfaces used are an important element to consider.

Tiles for shower enclosures have to meet specific technical requirements: they must be easy to clean, durable and resistant to both chemicals and wear and tear, so porcelain stoneware is a popular choice, thanks to its excellent resistance and the variety of styles available. Its ability to mimic natural textures and combine them with superb technical performance makes porcelain stoneware a valuable ally in the creation of bathrooms that are both functional and inviting.

A minimalist elegant bathroom featuring a Pearl-colored Heritage collection porcelain stoneware shower tray, surrounded by mosaic tiles.
Heritage Pearl
Heritage Pearl
Modern bathroom with marble effect porcelain stoneware tiles from the 9cento collection, showcasing elegance and contemporary design.
9Cento alba Oro
9cento Alba Oro
Chic bathroom interior featuring gray porcelain stoneware from the Ubik collection, golden accents, and curved glass shower.
Ubik Grey
ubik grey

Types of shower tray: making the right choice

When shopping around for a shower tray, it’s important to consider not only appearance, but also innovative design, and how practical the model is. The main types are:

  • Free-standing shower tray: Easy to install, because it can be placed directly on the bathroom floor. Versatile and easily accessible, it offers a stylish yet simple solution.

  • Flush-to-floor shower tray: This modern solution blends seamlessly with the flooring, offering a minimalist look and easy access, because there are no barriers.

These types show how shower tray design can adapt to different needs, with porcelain stoneware offering an excellent solution thanks to its durability and the huge range of styles available.

Elegant bathroom with freestanding tub, shower tray in large porcelain stoneware slabs, and black finish details.
Elements Lux Persian Grey
Elements Lux persian grey
Modern bathroom with a shower and sauna area featuring wood effect porcelain stoneware, creating a warm, natural ambiance.
Lineo Sand
lineo sand
Bright bathroom featuring a shower clad in marble effect porcelain stoneware, adding a touch of elegance and style.
Elements Lux Calacatta
Elements Lux calacatta

Shower tray measurements

The variety of shapes and sizes of porcelain stoneware tiles available offers a response to all kinds of space and design requirements. To make it easier to choose the right shower tray, tiles can be divided into the following categories:

Rectangular tiles:

  • Ideal for a spacious shower area. Sizes such as 60x120 cm, or large 120x240 cm slabs, offer plenty of freedom and are perfect for large bathrooms, or for those seeking a particularly striking flush-to-floor solution. 

Square tiles:

  • Perfect for proportioned, functional shower trays, square sizes such as 80x80 cm, 90x90 cm, and even 120x120 cm can adapt to bathrooms of different sizes, offering a comfortable shower experience with enough room to relax. 

Custom options:

  • Porcelain stoneware tiles can be used to create custom shower trays. Large slabs (for example 120 x 278 cm) can be used to create shower trays with sizes and shapes that adapt perfectly to the specific needs of the bathroom and the desired style, guaranteeing an elegant, seamless finish.

Choosing the right size and shape of tiles allows you to create a bathroom that not only meets your needs in terms of space and function, but also contributes to the overall appearance of the room. With the resistance and beauty of porcelain stoneware, shower trays can become authentic elements of design, able to turn the bathroom into your very own temple of wellness.

Advantages of porcelain stoneware for shower trays

Porcelain stoneware is the ideal material for shower trays, thanks to its extremely low water absorption of less than 0.5% (less than 0.1% for Keope). This makes it especially resistant to humidity and changes in temperature, which is essential to guarantee durability and hygiene, especially in an environment like the shower, where water is constantly present.

Porcelain stoneware comes in a wide array of colours, effects, shapes and sizes, offering almost limitless customisation options. From gloss to matt surfaces and from smooth to rough textures, every shower tray in porcelain stoneware can become a distinctive décor element. A shower tray with resin-effect tiles is perfect for those seeking a simple, smooth, contemporary look, while a stone-effect shower tray conveys a sensation of solidity and a connection with nature, adapting splendidly to bathrooms with a natural inspiration.

Porcelain stoneware can also be used outdoors, thanks to its frost-resistant properties and excellent resistance to changes in temperature. These characteristics make it the ideal choice for shower trays for outdoor swimming pool areas, where resistance to the elements and low temperatures is essential. So for both indoor bathrooms and outdoor areas, a porcelain stoneware shower tray is a reliable, elegant solution for all kinds of climate.

For a preview to help you choose the ideal design for your porcelain stoneware shower tray, try the Match App tile laying simulator by Ceramiche Keope, an innovative tool that will make choosing your favourite style easy and fun.

Contemporary bathroom with floor and walls in stone effect porcelain stoneware from the Arkè collection, enhancing harmony with nature.
Arkè Grey
Arkè Grey
Open-air bathroom with a stone effect shower tray from the Omnia collection, seamlessly blending indoors with outdoors.
Omnia Emperador White
Omnia Emperador White
Sophisticated bathroom with flooring and shower tray in rectangular wood effect porcelain stoneware strips, adding warmth and natural style.
Lineo Sand
lineo sand

Shower tray maintenance and cleaning

Everyday maintenance for shower trays in porcelain stoneware is simple. After use, rinse the surface with clean water to remove traces of soap and limescale. For effective everyday cleaning, you can use a neutral detergent diluted in water.

To keep your shower tray looking as good as new, deeper cleaning is required periodically. Specific products should be used for this depending on the stain resistance class of the tiles, based on the UNI EN ISO 10545-14 classification.

For more detailed, specific advice on cleaning, you can consult our page dedicated to porcelain stoneware maintenance.

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