Ceramiche Keope presents Elements, a collection of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles that is “open” to many interpretations and that features decorative fragments with a high technological content. This innovative project includes 3 series inspired by natural elements, which can be combined together to offer 40 possible matches. 

This is an articulated and complete project, especially designed to combine aesthetics with functionality and performance and fulfil the needs of end users, as well as designers and architects. A truly unique concept that encompasses all the company's know-how and confirms how Ceramiche Keope is playing a leading role by paying great attention to the needs of purchasers.

Perfect for any setting, from the residential to the public, Elements is an invitation to play with colours, finishes and different inspirations, whilst maintaining a certain unity in style, thanks to the coherence that binds the series of this collection.

The maximum freedom of design with Elements by Ceramiche Keope: the ideal tool for designers and private purchasers. Look at the video!

Ceramiche Keope is expanding its Elements collection of porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles for interiors with new sizes and finishes. The collection is open to a variety of interpretations and features with so much decorative potential and a high content of technology. In other words, perfect for any context, both commercial and residential.

Amongst the series that are part of this innovative and exhaustive project, Lux, Design and Natural, each inspired by natural elements. They can all be combined to offer over 40 possible matches. The range is particularly extensive with more than 60 solutions, including backgrounds and decorations, and sizes that range from the 25x21.6 hexagon to the extra large 120x240 cm size.

The new solutions involve in particular the Lux and Design series, which have been completed with new tones and sizes to create your own customised space, made more precious still thanks to the different colours, finishes and inspirations. Maximum freedom to mix and match but the style remains the same by virtue of the coherence binding the single series of the collection.

Elements Lux

Two important new features for the Keope series that faithfully captures the typical elegant patterns of marble: Matt finish for all colours and three new refined textures.

In fact Lincoln and Calacatta Gold have been added to Calacatta, Silver Grey, Crema Beige, Emperador and Port Laurent that are already part of the range.

The striking aspect of Lincoln is the purity of its absolute white colour, highlighted by subtle streaks that enhance the brightness of the surface. A decoration that will fulfil the needs of those looking for a minimalist and refined product.

Calacatta Gold, with its veins, is inspired by the latest trends, in which gold plays a leading role in colour palettes for contemporary living. In the same manner as fabric, porcelain stoneware "dresses" spaces and winks at design and fashion.

Six sizes to define your environments in every single detail: 120x240, 120x120, 60x120, 20x120, 60x60, 30x60 cm, all rectified, to which we have added the exclusive 25x21.6 cm hexagon tile.


Elements Design

Inspired by great international cities and characterised by a matt and minimalist-style surface, this series has been completed by four surprising solutions: two new colours, White and Black, the glossy border tile size 7.5x30 cm, the extra large 120x120 cm size and the 3D decoration that recalls the appearance of a striped fabric in 7 colours, 50x110 cm size and monoporosa version.

With the 3D decoration by Ceramiche Keope, material furnishes spaces with personality. The three-dimensional effect has a great optical impact and enhances the chiaroscuro of the tones selected. The subtle tones and the original relief effects give private purchasers and designers the possibility to achieve an elegant allure and an essential style.

The Elements Design series is available in the 60x120, 20x120, 60x60, 30x60 cm sizes and in the 25x21.6 cm hexagon size. All colours are offered in the Matt version.


To make the range as extensive as possible, each series is completed by trim pieces and decorations to take care of every single detail: the 7.2x60 cm bullnose, the 33x60 cm step tread, the 33x33 cm glued corner piece and the 30x30 cm Mosaic, as well as the 10x59 Chevron.