Porcelain Stoneware Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain Stoneware Bathroom Tiles

 Design di bagno con lavabo in gres porcellanato effetto pietra decorativo della collezione Dolmix in tonalità Dark, rubinetto in rame e accessori.
Dolmix Dark
dolmix dark
Bagno moderno con pavimenti e pareti in gres porcellanato effetto resina di diversi formati della collezione Geo colore beige.
Geo Beige
geo beige
Bagno elegante con rivestimento e pavimento in gres porcellanato effetto pietra della collezione Heritage, dettagli in legno e pianta verde.
Heritage Pearl
Heritage Pearl
Bagno moderno con vasca freestanding, pavimento con piastrelle effetto legno colore Bone e parete con piastrelle decorate Watercolor della collezione Journey.
Journey Watercolor
Journey Watercolor
Bagno spazioso con pavimento effetto metallo colore titanium e pareti colore Plate Tin dalla collezione Plate, vasca indipendente e vanità moderna.
Plate Titanium
Plate Titanium
Bagno luminoso con pavimento e pareti in grandi lastre effetto marmo Calacatta Statuarietto della collezione Elements Lux e parete del lavabo in mosaico coordinato.
Elements Lux Calacatta Stuatuarietto
Elements Lux calacatta statuarietto
Keope Omnia Tivoli Ivory 3D
Omnia Tivoli Ivory
Omnia Tivoli Ivory

Bathroom tiles: discover the most creative ideas with Keope

Have you ever wanted to transform your bathroom into an oasis of elegance and style? Keope's bathroom times are the ideal solution to make your design dreams come true. Offering an extensive array of porcelain stoneware collections, Ceramiche Keope offers you the possibility of creating a unique and refined bathroom imbued with a modern and elegant essence.

The differences between porcelain stoneware and natural materials like wood or stone are now imperceptible. The water resistance and non-slip properties of porcelain stoneware make it the perfect choice for bathrooms, without compromising the unique aesthetics these materials deliver.

Gone are the days of confining yourself to classic small size tiles. With Keope, you can experiment with large slabs that are perfectly suited to cover both floors and walls.

Porcelain stoneware bathroom tiles: timeless elegance

In the pursuit of aesthetic perfection, you have the power to choose whether to opt for the consistency of identical tiles on both the floor and walls in your bathroom, creating a harmonious and cohesive ambience. However, if you have a bold spirit and want to unleash all your creativity, why not experiment with surprising combinations, such as pairing elegant wood-effect floor tiles with enveloping stone-effect wall tiles?

The possibilities are endless and depend solely on your personal style and unique vision. By choosing from our porcelain stoneware collections, you will have access to a wide selection of formats, colours and textures, allowing you to create an environment that perfectly reflects your personality and aesthetic preferences.

Use the Match APP application to have fun taking photos of your bathroom and playing with the colours and effects offered by Ceramiche Keope. Take a photo, experiment with different tile combinations and save your creation. Then head to your nearest retailer to bring your personalised design and vision to life.

Keope Element Design Ivory Bagno 7 Parete Marmo Beige

Beyond imagination: explore our bathroom tile collections

Our porcelain stoneware collections for the bathroom are the perfect blend of classic style and contemporary design.

Geo presents a nude and relaxed beauty, evoking informal atmospheres where imperfections are transformed into precious details. The Omnia collection encompasses a variety of granules, textures and shades that tell a fascinating story. For lovers of classic contemporary aesthetics, the Elements Lux collection offers an alluring selection of marble nuances, including the refined Port Laurent colour or the ethereal Calacatta Gold with its golden veins. Alternatively, if you are looking for a collection with a strong character and a compelling ability to inspire, uplift and transform, the 9cento art deco marble-effect porcelain stoneware collection is tailor-made for you.

Leave nothing to chance when choosing the floor and wall tiles for your bathroom. Our porcelain stoneware collections present a wide array of options to create a harmonious and stylish environment.