Ceramiche Keope confirms its leading role in wood-effect floors with the new Ultramod and Lineo collections.

Ceramiche Keope introduces two new collections that strengthen the company's presence in the area of ​​wood-effect ceramic surfaces: Ultramod and Lineo.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is a highly versatile material and it is therefore possible to apply it in different environments. First of all, to obtain a continuum effect between indoor and outdoor it is possible to install these collections throughout the house, so as to create large spaces to live and enjoy in continuity between nature and design. The series can then be chosen to cover the bathroom and the kitchen - considering the excellent results in terms of water and humidity resistance - or the sleeping area where a feeling of comfort and refinement is often sought.

In addition, the Keope collections, rich in sizes and finishes, are perfect for the commercial environment of shops, bars and restaurants, in particular for their resistance to trampling and abrasion, for ease of cleaning and hygiene. In terms of mineralogical composition and production process, in addition to the aesthetic aspects, Ceramiche Keope porcelain stoneware is incomparable due to its technical characteristics: it is also anti-freeze and stain resistant, withstands stress and chemical attacks so it is ideal for laying inside and outside.


Ceramiche Keope rediscovers the nobility of wood with Ultramod, a revolutionary and unconventional line capable of enhancing the character and spirit of the woody surface and its rare essences.

Inspired by the typical processes of the 50s and 60s, the company has expressed its excellent ability in the transformation of the material with Ultramod, an extremely original collection in which the original decorations refer to a new golden age of wood: bostamarinde, zebrano, rosewood , walnut and ziricote that show articulated streaks and colors of singular elegance.

Perfect in indoor commercial environments - showrooms, luxury hotels and design restaurants - but also in the most dynamic residential contexts, the 20x120 cm slat format allows the collection to adapt to any type of interior.

Ultramod Cloud
Ultramod Cloud Patchwork
Ultramod Design
Ultramod Rose
Ultramod Stripe
Ultramod Walnut


To enhance the naturalness of wood with a touch of modernity and create an elegant combination of modernity and tradition, Keope also presents Lineo, a more traditional proposal that is characterized by timeless elegance thanks to its cutting-edge graphics.

Ideal above all for intimate residential projects but also adaptable to commercial and public environments, the Lineo series has graceful woody shades calibrated on five degrees of intensity: from Honey pigments, stolen from honey, passing through Sand and Brown shades, up to walnut tones of Walnut and snowy ones of White. Finally, the Row decoration broadens the range of action of the series with its composition of deco suggestions.

The application possibilities are wide thanks to the 20x120, 60x120 and 30x120 cm sizes - the latter available in the K2 20mm version - and the feature of the series is also remarkable that it can coexist in affinity or complementarity with the numerous effects proposed by the Keope surfaces.

Lineo Brown
Lineo White