BIM | Building Information Modeling

BIM | Building Information Modeling

Download the models of Keope products and insert them in your project.

Keope products are now available to architects and designers for design in revit, archicad and other BIM applications.

BIM, "Building Information Modeling", is an international methodology defined by the National Institutes of Building Science as the "digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of an object".

BIM is a "container of building information"

BIM is a "container of information about the building" that allows to have all the relevant data of a building collected, connected and combined digitally within the most used design software.
Graphic data (such as drawings) and specific technical attributes (data sheets and characteristics) also related to the expected life cycle are thus available to all those involved in the design of a construction, This enables all the necessary information to be provided in a single system in order to facilitate work and the exchange of information.

A method of collaborative design

This collaborative design method allows to integrate in a single model all the information useful to the design phases: architectural, structural, plant engineering, energy and management.

This integration ensures greater efficiency and productivity, fewer errors, less downtime, less costs, greater accessibility, maximum information sharing and more timely and consistent project control, producing interoperable data on various software by all stakeholders.

Keope products are now available to architects and designers for design in Revit, Archicad and other BIM applications.

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