Ceramiche Keope is the first ceramic company in the world to obtain certification of its PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) declaration. The declaration is used for calculating the environmental performance of products throughout their life-cycle. The declaration takes account of the entire procurement chain, from extraction of raw materials to production, use and end of the product's life-cycle. It attests to the company's commitment and attention towards topics relating to sustainability.

The PEF is a voluntary certification program that has the purpose of providing stakeholders objective, comparable and transparent information about the environmental performance of products.

This commitment also results in more attention towards people and consumers.

With this objective in mind, in 2017 Keope adopted the open standard of the HPD (Health Product Declaration), created to promote reporting of the characteristics of a product, to provide information about the risks for the health of all subjects involved in design, elaboration and realisation of a project and for protecting the health of the persons residing in the building. Recognised by the USGBC LEED, the Health Product Declaration provides customers the information needed to help them make more conscious decisions concerning purchase. Furthermore, the use of products with a HPD certification allows design teams to obtain new credits within the scope of the new LEED®v4 Materials and Resources.

The 360° commitment that has continued over the years by means of important investments in machinery, and of constant renewal of production technology to not only improve efficiency but also reduce energy consumption has given life to the important “GREENTHINKING” project: an influential and effective manifesto of one the companies that has paid the greatest attention towards ecological quality in the ceramic industry.

Another important step of the company's “sustainability” program has been the opening in 2012 of the new co-generation system, which allows Keope to reduce direct and indirect emissions of carbon dioxide whilst self-producing electric energy to cover a significant amount of energy requirements.

During the same year, the company's factory buildings underwent very important requalification operations to ensure the best working conditions possible. Ceramiche Keope removed all Eternit roofing material that had covered its factory buildings (a surface of 6000 m2) since they were built and replaced it with modern and ecological covering panels.

Keope is member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), an organisation that has introduced the independent LEED certification system.

A story that began in 2004, when Keope voluntarily completed checking and reduction of CO2 and greenhouse effect gas emissions (Kyoto Protocol) and began a series of activities to improve efficiency at all levels.