Black porcelain tiles can confer a strong character to settings, enveloping the surfaces of floors and walls with discreet rigour and absolute elegance.

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Artemis - Anthracite
Dolmix - Dark
Elements Design - Black
Elements Lux - Port Laurent
Extreme - Anthracite

Black floor and wall tiles

Different styles and personalities stand out among Keope collections of black porcelain floor tiles. The black slate in Ubik stone-effect porcelain tiles features an extremely adaptable soft minimalism, intended as much for bathroom walls as for outdoor walkways or courtyards.

The glossy black marble-effect porcelain tiles of the Elements Lux series in the Port Laurent version offer refined surfaces with a classic feel, where each tile is a jewel spanning innovation and tradition. 

Noord - Anthracite
Percorsi Frame - Cosmic Black
Percorsi Quartz - Black
Percorsi Extra - Sight Anthracite
Swisstone - Anthracite
Ubik - Anthracite
Urban - Anthracite

Black porcelain tile collections by Keope

Several Keope collections feature wall and floor black tiles, particularly those with marble-effect and stone-effect. Home settings, offices, commercial areas or gardens and public spaces: the Keope collections offer an irreplaceable creative lifeblood that pervades the indoor or outdoor places where they are installed.

Here are the products which feature black and other lighter colours, in some cases also in 20-mm version for outdoor applications and large tiles.